HAYAMI AUTO TRADING., LTD is one of the well established, highly progressive and professionally managed company in Japan. Leading conglomerate with strong presence since five decades based in Japan bulk inventory of New and Used Japanese tires, Used bicycles, Used Engines and other auto spare parts, dismantled and sourced in Japan giving us total control over the Quality of the Product. All our used bicycles, used tires, used Engines and Transmissions, and other auto Spare Parts are standard & acceptable. 100% first grade used Japanese & Korean low mileage engines and auto spares parts at economical price. The used Engines & Auto Spare parts are thoroughly tested by our professional technical team before we stock them. We maintain bulk inventory for both New auto spare parts and Used auto spare parts. We have huge collections of pickup trucks, half cuts and heavy machinery at special price. We supply top quality Battery, inverters, Tires & Lubricants at economical price locally and internationally with efficiency. Our main export countries are Peru, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippine, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Iraq, Jordan, Dubai, Pakistan, sri Lanka, New-Zealand, Bolivia, Australia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Sweden etc.

Welcome to the fastest and cheapest used engine / used transmission Used Japanese Bicycles, Focklift and Used tires network. “japanautoexporter.com” have huge collection of Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission, Electric Engine, Gas Engine, Manual Transmission , Propane Engine, Transmission Assembly, Rear Axle, Used Japanese Bicycles, Forklift and Used tyres Transfer Case Assembly, Suspension Cross Member K Frame.
With a 95% success rate we almost guarantee that our Products offered at a competitive price with a comprehensive warranty. If you are one of those who hate to spend more time and money and not know when it will break down after installation, then you are at right place. Our expert suggest you a perfect used engine or used transmission for your car. We offers guarantee cheapest rate in the industry, because of save money on shipment and we pass that savings to you.

Exports Expert

The best part of working with us is we are industrial experts and we expertise on aerial footage and drone shots. You will never stop getting amazed by the effort and the outcome.

Ultra High Definition

Everybody wants their body as clear as they could be. Here at Dronista We take care of quality seriously. We provide you with 4k video quality. Crystal clear, super smooth.

Budget Friendly

We care about your budget. No matter if you want industrial advertise or birthday party. We got you covered. We have packages that fits everyone’s need. Ready to go.

Speeded Work

Time is the money and we start the project on time and complete it before the deadline. You can get your project done lightning fast without any complain.

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